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Protectionmask® Technology

Trust World-Leading
Innovation And Design

The Protectionmask® leverages unique design and lifesaving technology to provide a fire escape mask unlike any other on the market. Transcendent and essential, the Protectionmask® is creating a whole new standard of safety and accessible use within the market.

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Innovation And Safety

World Class Design

The Protectionmask® has been created with care and dedication towards ultimate safety and intelligent use of technology. Our inners use negatively charged polystyrene foam balls soaked in medical grade Aloe Vera gel for maximum protection.

Breathe With Ease

The Aloe Vera used in the Protectionmask® allows protection for your lungs and airways. Not only does it work in conjunction with the foam balls, but it also offers the added benefit of calming and soothing the respiratory system as well for your maximum comfort.

Particles Filtration
Carbon Monoxide Filtration
Acrolein Filtration

Protectionmask® - How It Works

A fire creates and releases toxic fumes, gases, smoke, and other dangerous particles into the air that can restrict your oxygen supply and damage lung tissue. During a fire, the lungs quickly become irritated and inflamed, which hinders the ability of your lungs to absorb oxygen. This can lead to suffocation and death. The Protectionmask® has been designed to allow an exposed person invaluable time to escape a smoke-filled area. This is how it works.



Our mask has been created to absorb any harmful particulates that may restrict air flow such as gases, smoke, fumes, and particles.



The contaminates are encapsulated in a combination of Aloe Vera gel and negatively charged bactericidal polystyrene balls which neutralize up to 95% of the most dangerous fire gases.



The harmful particulates are retained within medical Aloe Vera gel to prevent them from reaching the airways.

Innovative Protectionmask® Technology

Protectionmask® is a world leading emergency escape mask that saves human lives from exposure to toxic smoke and fire gases, as well as dangerous particulates. It is the market’s strongest option for safety and innovation and leads in design where no other mask has.

As a vital component of both the civilian and professional fire protection equipment stores, the Protectionmask® encapsulates the most dangerous fire gases and particulates in the Aloe Vera gel coated foam balls within the mask interior. This protects the wearer’s respiratory system for long enough to find their way to safety.

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Effective Protectionmask® Filtration

Filtration is an important aspect of efficacy and safety when looking at the use of an escape mask. This is why we have ensured maximum protection through our world class technology. The Protectionmask® has been tested by RNK Environmental INC in the USA to ensure adherence to our standards and market claims. The findings concluded that the Protectionmask® filters as per the following values:

  • Particles: 94.6% filtration

  • Carbon Monoxide: 96.7% filtration

  • Acrolein: 94.6% filtration

Our Protectionmask® has been classed at 95% protection overall and is a uniquely leading product in the market.

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The Protectionmask® Universal Fit And Design

One of the main goals we have is that the Protectionmask® needs to provide access to safety for as many people as possible. This means our design was created with the concept of a universal fit in mind. When in use, the mask shapes and conforms to the facial contours. It always provides a good fit, and it will close tightly around the nose and mouth for optimal protection.

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The Protectionmask® Specifications

Make the choice that saves lives! The Protectionmask® is a one-of-a-kind fire escape mask that is vital as a part of any safety equipment store. We have compared our innovative design to others on the market, and though there simply isn’t another mask like ours, even the closest competition pales in comparison. 

The Protectionmask® is truly a world class product without peer, and will quickly become a market standard for fire safety that offers protection against the most dangerous fire gases and particulates. Here is how other escape masks compare.


Other Escape Masks


The Protectionmask® comes in at a fifth of the price than other masks do
in United States.

Awkward, material-heavy, and expensive, our competitors are extremely pricey and not cost efficient or user-friendly at all.


Breathable Fabric, Aloe Gel, Styrofoam Balls

Rubber, Plexiglas


Compact, easy to use and put on, disposable

Bulky, complex to put on, reusable

Innovative Technology

Negatively charged foam ball and Aloe Vera gel filtration

Classic Carbon Filtration


Compact and easy to carry and store


Protectionmask® - Who We Are

Our team is a committed collective working towards the universal access to safety and leading design that the Protectionmask® can offer. To us, every home, school, hospital, and more, should have the protection of our world-class fire escape protection. It is our mission to ensure the betterment of fire safety through innovation, education, and security. Our mission is to save lives.

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