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About Protectionmask®

Discover More About The Protectionmask® Values & Philosophy

Our team is committed to becoming the number one choice for every industry and home as the most innovative and safe emergency escape mask on the market.
We leverage world leading technology and design to ensure optimal protection against the most dangerous fire gases and particulates.

The Protectionmask® Makes Safety Easy

Our mission for the Protectionmask® is that it should be the number one choice to grab and go, wherever you may need it. Our fire escape mask was designed with the knowledge that emergencies can happen at any moment, and that fire safety protection should be convenient, compact, and highly effective. In contrast to other escape masks or hoods, the Protectionmask® is easy to store within a handbag, jacket pocket, or even a back pocket. It can be kept close at hand and is ready to use at a moment’s notice.

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The Protectionmask® Makes Safety Reliable And Accessible

With the elevated order system and service of the Protectionmask®, supported by our production supply chain that includes a full in house production factory in the USA, we have created a fire safety option that is extremely reliable to use as a brand, and as a product itself. Constant supply from our state-of-the-art manufacturing bases, as well as the incorporation of regulated, tested technology means that you can choose the Protectionmask® with absolute peace of mind!

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The Protectionmask® Saves Lives Through Innovative Technology

The uniqueness and efficacy of the Protectionmask® is truly a world changing, lifesaving exercise in fire safety. It is the only fire escape mask of its kind, and it has leveraged years of research and design in order to be a fire protection equipment supplemental unlike the market has ever seen. From the use of ergonomic, face conforming materials to the comfort that the Aloe Vera gel covered balls offers to the respiratory system, the Protectionmask® dominates the market by putting innovation to work in order to create maximum safety.

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Want To Join The Protectionmask® Mission?

If you would like to become a part of our mission for safety against the most dangerous fire gases and particulates, become a reseller for the Protectionmask®. Choose an emergency escape mask that offers you and your customers 95% filtration, total convenience and accessibility, and the reassurance of world leading innovation in design.

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