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The Protectionmask® provides a 95% filtration rate that aids in the protection of human life by offering an escape window protected against toxic fumes and smoke.

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West Palm Beach, Florida

Innovation And Safety

Protection From Toxins

Our masks are filled with negatively charged foam balls that have been soaked in medical grade Aloe Vera gel. This escape mask deters toxins and offers a filtration rate of 95% for your protection!

Single Use

Compact and created for easy use, the Protectionmask® is effective for approximately 15 minutes after breaking the vacuum seal of the packaging. This offers invaluable time for the wearer to find safety while keeping their lungs safe from harmful inhalation of toxins and smoke damage.

We have created the most powerful next-generation escape mask on the market. It is a highly innovative mask backed by proven technology and a highly experienced team. Our core mission is to save lives through the drivers of innovation and education.

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Protectionmask® - How It Works

A fire creates and releases toxic fumes, gases, smoke, and other dangerous particles into the air that can restrict your oxygen supply and damage lung tissue. During a fire, the lungs quickly become irritated and inflamed, which hinders the ability of your lungs to absorb oxygen. This can lead to suffocation and death. The Protectionmask® has been designed to allow an exposed person invaluable time to escape a smoke-filled area. This is how it works.



Our mask has been created to absorb any harmful particulates that may restrict air flow such as gases, smoke, fumes, and particles.



The contaminates are encapsulated in a combination of Aloe Vera gel and negatively charged bactericidal polystyrene balls which neutralize up to 95% of the most dangerous fire gases.



The harmful particulates are retained within medical Aloe Vera gel to prevent them from reaching the airways.

Trusted And Stable Supply

We are always in stock due to the fact that we have a world class manufacturing base right here in the USA. We supply thousands of masks every week to ensure that your stock levels are always in check.

Technology And Innovation

The mask is designed to shape itself around the facial contours of the wearer in order to ensure that the inner components of the mask can operate efficiently. The combination of medical grade Aloe Vera gel and negatively charged polystyrene balls ensures extremely effective filtration.

Approved By RNK

Tested by an independent third party and approved by RNK, the Protectionmask® emergency escape mask has met the required standards and expectations of a supplemental escape mask. The 95% filtration level ensures that the product offers the wearer safety against harmful contaminants in the event of a fire.

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If you would like to become a stockiest and reseller of our increasingly necessary and innovative Protectionmask®, get in touch with us by scheduling an appointment. Our easy booking system allows you to schedule an appointment that suits your day. Let’s start our journey together!

Available Markets

Currently Available: USA

We have achieved insurance approval in the USA as is required to trade. You can become a reseller in the USA today!

Coming Soon: CE/ European Market

We are currently awaiting completion of our CE certification (which was delayed due to the need to fast track viral masks for the COVID-19 pandemic). As soon as testing is completed, we will be able to launch our European resellers program.

Testimonials For Protectionmask®

This Is What People Are Saying About Their Protectionmask® Experience

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Martin - Fire Department
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David - Insurance

Market Monopoly

Our escape mask is an extremely unique design which means that we have a very low number of potential competitors. We offer true innovation at a reasonable price which means that we have captured the market for this emergency escape mask.

Clear Adoption Curve

Facial masks and respiratory protection have become highly adopted, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Early, effective, and conversional adoption of this technology is well documented and growing.

Stable Supply

We have ensured that we have optimal manufacturing capabilities in order to supply the market. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing base right here in the USA, and another in Sweden, we are able to meet the demand of thousands of masks per week quite easily.

Maximum Benefit

We have worked hard to create a highly valuable position for our resellers that allows you to enjoy extremely high profit margins. We have done this by leveraging market need, lack of competition, leading innovation and technology, as well as premium quality escape masks.

Urgency Era

Societal adoption of wearing face masks as a convention, the norm instead of the exception, coupled with the ability for wearers to become promoters of the mask through word of mouth, capitalizes on the shift towards masks that we are currently experiencing.

How long will the Protectionmask® work?

Our results show that the Protectionmask® is effective for 15 – 25 minutes after the vacuum seal has been broken, depending on the circumstances.

How many times can I use the Protectionmask®? 

This is a non-reusable product and must be disposed of after one use.

Can the Protectionmask® be used while fighting fire?

Since this mask is designed for filtration and does not add oxygen, it is not suitable for firefighting.

How long can the Protectionmask® be store?

The shelf life of the Protectionmask® is 5 years, after which it will need to be replaced to ensure full functionality.