Protectionmask saves lives

During a fire it's not the flames and heat that initially cause the greatest personal injury - it's the fumes, gases and particles from the fire that inflame the lungs and prevent them from absorbing oxygen. It is therefore crucial to be able to leave the hazardous area as quickly as possible and, depending on the circumstances, Protectionmask gives you the additional necessary time (15-20 minutes) to place yourself and your family in safety.

Protectionmask kit

The Protectionmask kit consists of a filter mask that is vacuum packed in a foil bag.

It also includes Protectionmask goggles, a flashlight and a whistle which can be used in order to attract attention.

All items are contained in a black polyester bag that can be attached to either your belt or arm.

Protectionmask filter

Additional filters can be ordered separately. The filter mask is vacuum packed in a foil bag and in sealed packaging it has a lifespan of 5 years. We recommend that the mask and goggles are used together in order to protect the user from toxic fumes and flying fire particles.

Protectionmask goggles

Protectiomask safety goggles protect the eyes from smoke and other dangerous particles. The glasses are flexible and mist resistant and one size fits all.

Protectionmask safety goggles are not suitable for users who wear ordinary glasses. Spectacle users will need to wear the goggles underneath their normal glasses.

Protectionmask accessories

The Protectionmask kit also contains a flashlight and a whistle in order to help attract attention of rescuers. All Protectionmask components can be ordered as a kit or as separate items.

Ordering products

Protectionmask products can currently only be ordered through our website.

For more information about our products, please contact our customer support team viaour contact form.