Protectionmask - the worlds most innovative and compact safety escape mask for civilian use

The Protectionmask escape mask protects you from the hazards of both toxic smoke fumes and fire particles in the event of a fire.

The Protectionmask is compact and easy to use - providing an instant first protective barrier that can make the difference between life and death 

... at home

... at the office

... on the journey

... on the plane

Choose to be safe

Always have a Protectionmask available in case of an impending hazardous threat - at home, at work or on the go - this mask will enable you and your family to breathe safely whilst escaping imminent danger. 

The compact size of this product makes it possible to carry it with you at all times.

Protectionmask safety kit

The Protectionmask safety kit contains further equipment which may be necessary to enable you to leave a precarious area in the event of fire and smoke threat.

In addition to the mask, the safety kit also includes a set of goggles, a whistle and a flashlight that can be used to attract attention. This equipment is stored in a flexible bag that can be attached to any belt.

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Protectionmask has with competence and experience developed the next generation's most innovative escape mask based on a long-proven technology. Our driving force is that through innovation, education and security save lives.