Ecofloss product family

Ecofloss floss picks are adapted to the needs of different users. Some prefer a turned pick handle for better access to the back teeth, while others prefer double threads to have the sensation of a thicker floss. Further oral care products will be launched during the autumn - all focused on sustainable environmental choice

About Ecofloss dental care products

The floss on all the pick heads apart from the Ecofloss Slide is made of a fibre equivalent to Kevlar – one of the world's strongest fibres. You can therefore rinse the floss and re-use several times. Each thread of floss consists of thousands of small barbs that effectively scrape away bacteria (plaque) from the enamel.

The pick handle is made from 100% cornstarch (PLA) and is fully biodegradable. The handle also contains a triangular toothpick which is protected by a cover.