Protectionmask - the world's most compact and innovative escape mask for civilian use

Protection mask escape mask protects you from toxic fire gases and fire particles during a smoke and fire development. Protection mask is compact and easy to use. A first aid mask as in a fire can mean the difference between life and death.

From corn to ecofloss


It starts with a small seed …

that turns into a sprout …

and grows into corn.

The raw material becomes ecofloss

Choose safety

Always have a Protection Mask available for you and your family at home, on the go, at you workplace or in other contexts where you may quickly need to get to safety at an incipient fire. The compact format means you can always carry a protective mask with you

Protection mask safety kit


Protectionmask safety kit contains equipment such as in the event of an incipient fire or a smoke development can help you leave an exposed area. 

In addition to the mask, the safety kit also includes goggles, a whistle and a flashlight which can be used to attract attention. The equipment is stored in a handy bag that can be attached to the belt.