How Protectionmask works

During a fire, gases, smoke, fumes and other particles develop restricting the oxygen supply to the lungs. This leads to lung tissue rapidly becoming irritated, thus losing its ability to absorb oxygen which can lead to suffocation and death.

Protectionmask is designed to absorb these harmful particles, encapsulate them in small negatively charged foam balls and in medical AloeVera gel that prevents the fragments from reaching the airways.

When in use the mask is moisturized by the exhaled air whilst the AloeVera has a calming and soothing effect on the respiratory system.

Open the bag containing the mask by tearing across one of the 4 perforated corners. After breaking open the packaging and depending on the circumstances, Protectionmask can be used between 20-30 minutes. The shelf life of the product in its sealed packaging is 5 years.

Before removing the Protectionmask from its packaging, massage the bag for approximately 5 seconds in order to mix the Aloe Vera gel with the polystyrene balls. Take out the mask from its bag - it will feel cool and moist when handled. Never try to re-moisten the mask with ordinary water as the water vapor can cause serious damage. Please note that Protectionmask is a one-off disposable product and cannot be reused.

Place the mask so that it covers nose and mouth. Pull both rubber straps over the back of your head, making sure that the longer strap goes around the top of your head and the shorter strap sits below your ears. Adjust the straps so that the mask is securely positioned. The advantage of Protectionmask is that it cannot be positioned incorrectly as long as it covers the user's nose and mouth. However, for babies and children under 6 years the rubber bands may be too long so masks will have to be manually held in front of their mouths and noses during evacuation.

When using the goggles, place them over your eyes and tighten the rubber straps in the bracket. If you wear glasses, try to wear them over the goggles.


  • The mask must not be used whilst fighting fires
  • The mask is for single use only and must not be reused
  • Never use a mask from a damaged or open package
  • The mask lasts for 5 years from the date of manufacturing and date stamp
  • Check regularly that the foil bag remains vacuum sealed and has not been opened or damaged
  • If stored in an unsealed bag, the mask will dry out and lose its filtration capacity
  • Store the mask so that it is always easily accessible
  • Storage temperatures should be between -2 C and +50 C
  • The mask will not protect you from heat and flames
  • The mask is intended for self-rescue only
  • Never remove the mask in an unsafe area